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General Terms and Conditions of Sale:


1/ Conditions for participation:

The activities offered are open to participants of all ages and of all levels of experience. It is however important to be in good shape and to not have any contraindications for physical activity.
If you have a health and medical history, please share it with your instructor prior to the activity and bring your medication with you.
As walks towards the calanques can be especially rocky, it is required to wear appropriate shoes and protective clothing.




2/ Provision of services:

The provision of services in return for payment is subject to certain obligations.
Your instructor is certified by State diplomas of the youth, popular education and sport (DEJEPS) in outdoor rock-climbing and canyoning, has a valid professional liability insurance, and fulfills his legal obligations, such as maintaining a professional certification (Carte Professionnelle) and meeting requirements with URSSAF.




3/ Responsability:

The activities take place in the wilderness, where hazardous natural risks are a reality, such as falling rocks. The coaching and guidance from an experienced instructor do not make these natural risks disappear. Participants must be aware of the danger they are putting themselves in when engaging in these outdoor activities.
Your instructor has a duty towards safety but cannot guarantee the absence of accidents. With diligence and care, he uses all available means to prevent accidents, including the ending of an activity, to ensure the safety of participants, who continue to play an active role throughout the activity. Participants pay attention to their own safety and the safety of others. They must follow safety regulations and rules of conduct based on common sense, as well as those communicated by the instructor.




4/ Insurance:

The instructor is covered by a professional liability insurance for his activities throughout the provision of services.
This professional liability insurance does not substitute any individual liability insurance for participants. It is advised that each participant has their own liability and accident insurance, covering the activities. It is the responsibility of the client or, in the case of minors, their legal guardian, to verify that they are covered by their insurance provider.




5/ Fee conditions:

The professional fee includes the organization of the activity, the provision of services, and the use of technical equipment necessary for each activity. It does not include transportation to the activity’s location, except for canyoning activities.
Credit cards are not accepted.
A detailed invoice can be sent by email at the client’s request.




5/ Reservation and cancellation policy:

For individual, group, and municipal reservations, a 30% deposit might be requested to confirm the reservation. This deposit will not be refunded if a client cancels within 15 days of the scheduled activity.




7/ Cancellation by the instructor:

Only the instructor can modify the program at any moment.
If the weather forecast is unfavorable, the instructor reserves the right to modify or cancel the activity. Another date will be proposed, or, if the activity could not take place, the fee will be refunded.
Considering the inherent risks of these activities, a participant dismissed or excluded from the activity due to their behavior, such as a non-compliance of safety regulations, will not be entitled to a refund.




8/ Gift card:

The gift card designates a beneficiary and mentions the number of participants.
It is valid for 12 months from its issuance by email. It cannot be applied for reservations in July or August.
The expiry date of a gift card can be extended on a case-by-case basis but is not automatically offered by the instructor.




9/ Image consent:

The client authorizes the instructor to reproduce, exhibit or publish the photographs taken during the activity, for advertising and commercial purposes. The client can refuse this clause before the beginning of the activity.




10/ Translation:

In the event of any discrepancy, misstatement, omission, or error appearing in the English translation of the General Terms and Conditions, the French version shall prevail.