grande voie à Sormiou et à Morgiou



From October to June..

grande voie à la calanque de l' eissadon


Costs per day:

From 220 €/day for one person and 250 €/day for two person (125€/person).

Escalade en traversee calanques

Price included professional prestation and technical equipment.

Escalade vue sur la mer




Mid-september to mid-june

Beginner to advanced

Full day

2 persons max

Private instructor

Conviviality guaranteed

Top pedagogy

Quality service

Initiation multi-pitch Sormiou


Easy multi-pitch in Mugel Calanque


Calanque Sormiou
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Les grandes voies pour un plaisir intense



The instructor’s special recommendation :

Multi-pitch climbing is one of the most exciting experiences in climbing and my personal favourite. You don’t need to be a very experienced climber to do it if being accompanied by a guide. You’ll climb very high rocks and admire stunning landscape around you –don’t miss this unforgettable adventure!

Photos escalade en grande voie: calanques du Mugel, Cap Canaille et Sormiou


grande voie au Devenson

Calanques offer a very large choice :

There are many beautiful places in the Calanques for multi-pitch climbs, for example La Candelle, l’Eissadon, Castelviel or Le Devenson. Overlooking the seaside, you will have a great climbing experience and learn new techniques.

To offer you the best quality quality service with my experience and my knowledge of the massif, we will choose together according to your desires and your level, nice and wilderness routes, offering a rock of first quality with beautiful climbing.


Photos escalade à Sormiou la perle des calanques


Escalade au Crêt Saint Michel

From beginner to confirmed climber :

You don’t have to be a very experienced climber to do multi-pitch climbing, as the level doesn’t increase with the length of the route (some cliffs are very high and easy to climb, others are very short and difficult, it all depends on the route).

For beginners, I offer climbs on easy routes where you just need to follow the lead climber.
For experienced climbers, I offer higher and more challenging climbs.

Photos initiation à l'escalade en grande voie


Note :

Prices are based on the fact that I will be instructing you only. It might be a slightly higher price than when you go climbing with a big group of 8 to 10 people. I personally recommend this formula, because the individual climbing levels can vary extremely in big groups, and in that case the instructor has to choose a route according to the lowest level in the group. With my formula, you will enjoy routes adapted to your personal level and experience. We’ll also be climbing as long as you want to in one day, there are no time restrictions.




As beautiful photos are better than a long speech, click here.

Photos grimpe calanques Castelvieil et la Ciotat


The monitor has a professional "responsabilité civile" insurance that can not be a substitute for personal insurance. It is recommended that each participant has insurance "responsabilité civile" and "personal accident" covering this type of activity.

Photos escalade calanques Sugiton à Luminy et à Loule